Don Hubbard's SS2000

While it doesn't seem like much when compared to the IBR that completed this past weekend, my weekend jaunt was plenty of fun and I wanted to share.  I left work early on Fri, leaving at 9:30. I headed east for Reno, NV and a friend (he's on this list) Tim O'Keefe.  Tim had decided to go along with me to pick up a new tent trailer.  The skies were grey and the weather forecast called for scattered thunderstorms all along the intended route.  As I climbed the west side of the Sierra's on I-80, I climbed into the clouds or ground level fog.  The chatter on the CB was it cleared once past the summit.  The air was crisp and clean, and the temps were nice and cool.  Cleared the summit and the skies were blue with just a few clouds.  Got east of Reno to the appointed meeting place a little earlier than projected and waited a few minutes for Tim's arrival.  Tim arrived and we were off to Fallon, NV for our first scheduled gas stop of the afternoon.  We reached Fallon at 3:20 in the afternoon and off we went across the Nevada desert on Hwy 50, the loneliest Hwy.  There are just enough clouds to keep the temps reasonable.  With the sun at our backs and the few clouds in the sky to shadows thrown across the desert landscape make for some incredible views that are once in a lifetime.  It will never look exactly the same again.  Just short of 3 hours later we rolled into Eureka, NV for our next scheduled gas stop.  Only 550 more miles to get to the scheduled meeting  place where I'm picking up the trailer tomorrow morning.  Continuing east we turn a little south on hwy 21 to Baker, Nv for our next gas stop before heading on to Beaver, UT.  We are making great time having arrived in Beaver just before midnight.  The weather has been real cooperative so far, but that is about to change.  We jump on I-15 headed for I-70 and the splats of raindrops begin hitting the windshield.  The next 350 miles we run pretty much in a constant falling rain as we push for Montrose, CO.  The rain stops just long enough for us to make the needed gas stops or when we are running at slower speeds through towns.  The results of this are we have stayed dry and just have very dirty bikes.  We stop at a truck stop in Montrose, having arrived at 5:20 in the morning and the restaurant opens at 5:30.  We enjoy a nice sit down breakfast for the first REAL food since I had breakfast yesterday morning at 8.  The folks at the Sun Valley Truck Stop are real friendly and suggest we relax in the truckers lounge.  We have some time to kill as the meeting isn't scheduled until 10:00.  I called the owner of the trailer to let him know we have arrived, he is coming from 140 miles away, and hope we can move up the meeting time. I catch a power nap.  Tim unbeknownst to me is looking for his mysteriously missing ignition key.  Tim finds his key and we head over to the meeting place, the local Wal-Mart.  We have time to kill still so I decide I'm going to get a 2 gal gas container so I can carry some spare gas for the return trip.  We will be returning via Hwy 50 in the dead of night and now I'll be pulling a trailer.  The owner shows up and we begin the exchange of information. He is a nice 64 year old guy with a beautiful Candyapple Red 1800 with a Hannigan side car. He bought a new Roll-a-Home trailer and then his wife decided she didn't like that style of camping.  It was used 1 time, but he added a few nice things to it like air conditioning that he is throwing in.  After a fun hour long conversation with GR and his friend Carl, I explain we have a long road home and need to by on our way.  I have traveled just under 1100 miles from when I left Ca and we have mapped out a return to Reno that will allow for a SS2000 for me.  It has been 23 1/2 hours since I left when we hit the road.  The skies are slightly overcast but clearing to the west.  The sun is now high in the sky and it is getting really warm.  We stop in Green River, UT for gas and Tim and I both agree the heat has taken its toll.  Our plans change on the fly for the first time as we alter our route to take the most direct path across hwy 50 to Reno.  Should everything go right we will make Reno by midnight and if needed I can catch a nap at Tim's before continuing home.  The one thing I have expressed is the need for more snacks and shorter legs between stops.  We continue across the desert in the warm afternoon sun stopping more frequently and being better about snacking when we do.  We are feeling much better as the sun sets in the west and the temps have cooled considerably.  We are right on our time schedule when we pull into Fallon at 11:00 pm for the last gas stop before Reno.  I have been getting about 35 mpg while pulling the trailer at freeway speeds so I'm very pleased.  We are still 60 miles from Reno and I was feeling pretty beat - told Tim I was thinking of stopping for a cap nap, but as we continue to Reno I catch another wind.  I let Tim know I'm going to continue on for home and we part company.  Tim has managed about 1700 miles in about 33 hours.  I have about 200 more miles to get home. The ride through the Sierras on Hwy 20 I have made many times during the daylight.  It is a very different and unique experience riding this at night.  I'm feeling the effects of nearly 2 days on the road when I reach the flat of the valley and stop for a cup of coffee.  I feel the end is in sight and remember the experience of a rider I met at the Alamo Run a couple years ago (thanks, Dan) and refuse to allow myself to relax yet.  I push on taking the extra time to stop for a minute or two here and there.  I reach the gas station 1/2 mile from my house and get the final gas receipt.  I pull into the garage at 5:00 in the morning having a new trailer home safe and sound and having completed 2091 miles in just under 44 hours.

Boy did my bed feel good.

Thanks for letting me share.

Don Hubbard
Clearlake Oaks, Ca
1991 GL1500 SE "Froggy"
2002 Roll-a-Home "The Hubbard Hotel"
GWRRA 147264



Last Updated on August 27, 2003.